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A woman in a towel admires the smoothness of her lower leg

Harmonies offers customized full service hair removal. We use only the highest quality grade waxes available on the market today. Our waxes are specially designed to treat different areas of the body. You will experience less discomfort and your skin will feel smooth as silk after your wax treatment.


Eyebrows arch $20.00
Upper/lower lip $17.00
Chin $15.00
Sides of face/cheeks $20.00
Entire face package $65.00
Nostrils $25.00


Entire leg (excludes bikini area) $85.00
Lower or upper leg $50.00
Bikini $35.00
Bikini extended (not Brazilian) $45.00
Entire arm $50.00
Lower or upper arm $25.00
Back $50.00
Derrierre $40.00