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Woman receiving facial massage

Harmonies offer a wide variety of facials. We use aromatherapy along with different traditional and technology based treatments to enhance regeneration and healing. You will feel totally pampered from head to toe in our private room away from the hair salon environment. A thorough evaluation/analysis is completed prior to facial treatments. The evaluation/analysis aids in determining your individual skin care needs.



In only one and a half hours, this pampering facial will focus on regeneration therapy that is especially designed to treat every layer of your skin.



This one hour treatment focuses on specific skin conditions. Great for first time facial experience, add on to other treatments, or monthly maintenance facial.

Acne or Mini Facial


A light cleansing facial. Great for treating teenage acne or for establishing good skin hygiene habits for all ages.

Oxygen Facial


Get immediate visible relief from dry and wrinkled skin. This age defying facial treats dry and aged skin by forcing purified oxygen along with treatment products deep into the skin.

Bio-Ultimate Facial


See and feel a dramatic difference in your face. The face and skin will dramatically lift and tighten which will roll back the years to uncover a younger looking you.



A safe, controlled resurfacing is done by gently sanding away dry dull skin to show a soft, supple, translucent, and younger-looking skin.

Lymphatic Drainage


The lymphatic system fights disease by removing toxins and foreign bodies from the tissues and the blood. The majority of lymph nodes are located in the head and neck. A gentle, relaxing, lymphatic manipulation treats acne and decreases facial swelling.

Eye Lift


Get rid of tired droopy eyes with this amazing treatment that lifts the upper face by tightening and reducing puffiness around the eyes.

Ear Piercing


Safe, sterile, and professional. With over 15 years experience we can pierce the lobe or upper cartilage. You must be at least 18 years of age, unless you have parental consent. We have a wide selection of studs to choose from and after care products are available.


Facial enhancements included in all treatments.

Micro-Current: The use of low current to stimulate the body’s electric force to aid in the circulation and regeneration of cells. Micro-Current can lift and tighten saggy facial muscles and skin.

Heliotherapy or LED: Light stimulation regenerates cells and enhances healing. Great for treating acne, reduces the signs of aging, and relieves muscle pain.

Ultra sound: Long sound waves are applied to the skin that creates heat. The heat stimulates the exchange of toxins held in congested skin for life giving nutrients. This treatment is effective for acne, correction of uneven skin tones and to reverse the signs of aging.

Aroma Therapy: Treating the body and the senses with use of herbal skin preparations and aromas enhance the delivery of all face and body treatments. Aromatherapy employs herbs that provide relaxation, purification, anti-inflammatory, and healing effects on the whole person. Each essence has a specific purpose that is tailored to each person’s mind, body and spirit.